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Your Employability Training

Potential That Makes An Impact

Developed specifically to help young job seekers into employment, Your Future Solutions employability programmes are a unique combination of professional training, preparation for work and industry contacts.

Escalating incidents of street crime and violence are creating a massive divide between the vulnerable on our streets and those who read about them in newspaper headlines.

We believe that as a society, we must not ignore the vulnerable and simply hope our paths never cross. Instead we must develop long-term solutions which address the economic, psychological, emotional and social causes of this divide.

Our employability programme provides real solutions to complex social problems by offering young people with an interest in working in the health and fitness industry a very real opportunity to change their lives.

We are in partnership with training and employment charity Transforming a Generation (TAG) and together we have helped almost 1,700 young people over the last two years.

TAG was set up by a group of fitness industry professionals who believe that intervention can have a profound and lasting impact in the community, based on mutual need, not just philanthropic benevolence.

Our partnership with TAG helps young job seekers who have possibly achieved very little academically and therefore currently have limited career prospects.

Specifically developed to help jobseekers bridge the skills and experience gap between looking for a job and full time employment, the programme comprises an integrated supported learning apprenticeship and individual mentoring. We also use our extensive contacts in the health and fitness sector to organise job interviews.

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