Meet the Your Future Solutions Team

Lee Croucher – Managing Director

Lee is a highly respected professional with over 20 years’ experience in the Education and Training, Sport and Business sectors, where he has held a range of senior management posts successfully leading on both operational and strategic development and growth. Lee’s work has involved the design and development of people development training programmes that are bespoke to individual and employer needs. He is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and businesses to exceed their potential. Lee leads the delivery of the Leadership programmes and has delivered The ‘Art of Leadership’ Master-Class to over 500 delegates and currently acts as a business coach and mentor to a number of business leaders and owners.

Lee set up Your Future Solutions in 2009 to address the issues that employers faced in difficult financial times with regards to staff retention, training and development, since then he has secured contracts to delivery bespoke solutions for a large number of clients including, individuals, small to medium enterprises, large employers and government bodies. Lee’s mantra is ‘everyone can exceed their own potential’ and his work is aimed at unlocking that potential and supporting further development. The work of Your Future Solutions includes funded and commercial programmes that provide return on investment for all clients and has led to significant repeat business and referral work. Lee has embedded a culture of ‘Making a Difference’ in the Your Future Solutions Team and Associates.

On a personal level Lee is a keen sportsman and sports coach, enjoying playing and coaching a range of sports and activities. Lee also works with a large number of individuals as a life coach and mentor as well as continuing his work with hard to reach groups providing them with opportunities to change their lives through education and training as well as life skills and behaviour management.

Lee holds a number of recognised qualifications in both vocational and professional areas, Lee believes that individuals can succeed in life through determination and desire as demonstrated by the high level posts Lee has held without the required degree. This is something that he feels is key to not only his own success but the success of others and he encourages everyone to realise and exceed their potential.

Keith Christie – Director

Keith has over 35 years’ experience in Leadership and Management Development across a wide range of sectors, his work has included Coaching and Mentoring of individuals and teams to achieve their goals in a variety of environments by unlocking the potential to make the transition from ordinary to high performing. Keith has successfully delivered programmes that have delivered excellent result in Personal, Sporting and Business environments with his high levels of motivation and determination to facilitate a first class service that provides return on investment for all both personally and professionally.

Keith’s recent clients include the Amateur Swimming Association, The Institute of Swimming, Water Babies, Bourne Leisure and Metropolitan Housing Trust where he delivered a number of workshops and coaching and mentoring sessions that had a massive impact on both the individuals and businesses. Keith is also leads on our 12 month Leadership development programme that provides a bespoke programme for individuals from a number of backgrounds over a number of sessions, workshops and activities to meet personal and professional goals.

On a personal level Keith has a wide and varied experience of both the sporting and business world, he has been a professional sportsman, professional sports coach, senior manager in both the public and private sector and most recently led the Armed Forces Leadership and Management training establishment, in this role Keith developed bespoke programmes for a range of candidates including an MBA programme with Stafford University.

Keith holds tutor qualifications in a number of models such as MBTI, SDI, Belbin and TA and is also a mediator for Equal Opportunities.

Keith’s mantra is “You can’t learn anything less” to this end he continually challenges himself and others to update their skills and knowledge on a regular basis to enable him to pass on this learning to others through his work at Your Future Solutions.


Lucy Easters – Head of Operations


Hassan Patel – Head of Employment Skills


Siobhan White – Facilitator