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Your Outdoor Activities

The Sky’s The Limit!

AbZorb the Fun is our programme of outdoor activities to provide corporate team building activities or hours of fun for adults and children.

Team building goes hand in hand with fun at AbZorb the Fun, from team building events to facilitated learning from our qualified facilitators we can find the ideal balance for your event. By providing a fun and relaxed environment guests are much more open to learning new skills.

Team building works for your company. A team that plays hard together, works hard together and we have established a whole range of unique and fun team building games that will increase the morale of your team and help them to work together as one.

A fun, innovative way to enhance the skills of your team

Our tailored programme of events focus on the main skills required in a successful business or organisation. We look to provide fun events which allow guests to plan their approach while still having the fun of taking part in the team challenge itself. Evaluation can be as in depth as required and guests are encouraged to share learning experiences with other team members.

Areas covered include:

• Open communication
• Building relationships
• Time management
• Delegation
• Problem solving
• Planning
• Leadership
• Understanding how each other works
• Shared responsibility
• Trust
• Creativity and Innovation
• Support
• ‘No blame’ culture
• Change management
• Working towards a common goal

For more information on our outdoor activity programmes contact us today.